Mommy's Milky Treats was created by Johnnitta Jackson a wife and breastfeeding mother of 3 born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. With having her first child at a young age and returning back to school breastfeeding was definitely a hassle for her. After a few years she had her second child and her breast milk wasn't coming in the way she wanted.  She wanted to be able to over produce and build up her milk supply.

As she began to do research on producing more breast milk she thought it would be a great idea to do different treats for all breastfeeding mothers that would like to produce more milk. Using her cooking skills and knowledge Mrs. Jackson developed a milk producer cookie and was over joyed with the results.

Those lactation cookies had significantly increase her milk supply. Mrs. Jackson then provided some of her cookies to a friend and once she tasted them she said "you should sell these."  Once that was said November 2018 Mommy's Milky Treats became a business for breastfeeding mothers. As of today Mommy's Milky Treats product line includes delicious Lactation Cookies and Brownies. She also has Lactation Cookie Dough for you to make them yourself at anytime. Mrs. Jackson is looking forward to introducing Lactation Ice Cream pretty soon.

Although with offering  these tasty treats to these mothers ,  Mommy's Milky Treats has also encouraged women who needed help supported each other as well through their journey.  "The one thing that makes me happy is seeing these mothers go from being discourage to breastfeeding their babies to now being overly excited about how much they are producing. I receive so many responses from customers sharing their experience and because they eat my treats they are going strong with lactation. It is stunning what a little extra support can do.”


Mommy's Milky Treats shares weekly post on  Facebook to show and encourage other mothers letting them know breastfeeding does get easier. Even if you’re a first-­time mother or a mother of 3, Mommy's Milky Treats can encourage you with all of the emotional and physical support you need to raise healthy and happy babies!